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Arkos, a reclusive artisan, bides the long age of peace carving animal bones and remembering his days of adventure; but when he saves his city from destruction, he reveals that he is more than an outcast bone carver. He is a force of nature clad in human form–a legender. This grand revelation of his true identity comes at a cost, however, for there are kings and politicians who would use a legender for their own purposes…(Read More)

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“The pacing is brisk…the action is fun and the sweep of the novel works, leaving the reader with the feeling of a grand fairy tale.” — Publishers Weekly

The Legender is available to purchase on:

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About the Author

Jason Headshot circle trans backJason Link has come back to the US after many years of living in Nicaragua, the tropical land where he proposed to his wife on an active volcano. This makes him sound more adventurous than he really is. Instead of cutting his way through the jungles with a machete, he cuts his way through academia with a pen. He has taught high school English and is now a student at Fuller Theological Seminary.

The question he has been asked the most is: “Are you lost?” It may seem that he is, but he is most likely wandering while deep in thought. He dwells often on the art of story, for he sees God’s beauty in the finely crafted plot. (Read More)

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